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Our mission is to create a game that highlights Mesoamerican and African culture within a fantasy world that connects gamers to their cultural roots!

🌺Into the Farlands is a Survival Roguelite game set in fantasy Mesoamerica. Fight waves of enemies, talk to fun NPCs, fill out your journal, and find a way to end the Crimson Curse!

Explore the Solasta Jungle, the Fetid Swamp, Guapo Falls, several dungeons, and countless trails as you fill out your map and journal! As you explore, the main character will draw pictures and funny descriptions of new creatures, enemies, and locations!
🐊Colorful, Cultural, and Combat!: We wanted to stylize a game on Mesoamerican culture and legend to honor our ancestral roots and help show off lesser-known ideas! With each stretch goal reached, we can populate the world with more cryptids and villages will start having traditions based on real-world communities!

🏕️ Lots To Explore: Explore the Solasta Jungle, Fetid Swamp, Guapo Falls, several dungeons, and villages! Several trails are based on real hikes we've been on, savvy hikers might notice signature landmarks in-game!

🧾Fun Lore: Players that take time to talk to NPCs and find chests will uncover a deeper story than those who rush through the game!
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