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6 Major “Into The Farlands,” Indie Game Updates To Watch In January

Author: Edward Chavarria

Due Date: February 10, 2022

Publish Date: February 10, 2022

Buyer Persona: For Indie Gamers who want a Dark Fantasy Adventure RPG Hack n Slash.

6 Major “Into The Farlands,” Indie Game Updates To Watch In January

Hey explorers, it's the KC Studios team here, and we’ve got some exciting news to share with you all! This is for all the hard-core gamers out there that have been wanting a hack n slash game based off Mesoamerica. The KC Studios team has been working hard this month of January and we’ve achieved some amazing updates for our game, “Into the Farlands,” the highly anticipated dark fantasy adventure RPG indie video game that will be releasing on Steam this February for early access! From crucial game mechanic updates to cosmetic changes and even new character additions, there's a lot to get excited about!

1. The New Save System

Let's start with the new save system. You'll now be able to save your progress by utilizing several campfires scattered throughout the stages of chapter one. And if you happen to die in this treacherous jungle, don't worry! You'll restart at the last campfire you reached. Each campfire has its own unique design, some with villagers huddled together to keep warm, and others completely abandoned and giving off mysterious vibes. The team is even considering adding bonfires and mini games to these campfires for even more variety and interesting gameplay.

KC Studios, created a new save system for their latest Mesoamerican indie video game "Into The Farlands" The new save system is a series of campfires where the main character of this dark fantasy indie game "Machete," gets to rest near the warm fire.  The team of indie game developers are all students of Cal State Fullerton university, and hope to connect gamers with their cultural roots.
Into The Farland's New Save System

2. The Latest Enemy System Overhaul

Next up, the enemy system has been overhauled to make it easier to add new enemies in-game. Thanks to the clever lead game coder Jason Tran, the team has created a universal parent blueprint that efficiently integrates different enemies and attack combinations.

KC Studios has updated the enemy system within "Into The Farlands," so that adding new enemies within the dark jungle game will be much more efficient.
"Into The Farlands" Enemy System Overhaul

3. The Main Villain Boss, “Teoti”

One of the new character additions is the infamous Teoti, designed by Edward Chavarria and modeled by Kai Curry. She's finally in the game and ready to fight with her epic combat style, combining some of the most unique combinations of attacks in the game. The battle arena room where players will fight Teoti will be surrounded by water that rises to machete’s knees during the battle, which hides a deadly surprise for those who challenge the Crimson corrupted goddess. After battling Teoti, you'll be rewarded with treasure and a shard of the Crystal Skull, a new in-game item that will play a crucial role in the overall story of “Into the Farlands.”

The final boss villain fight for chapter 1 of "Into The Farlands," a new dark fantasy indie video game based on Mesoamerican culture is Teoti - The Great Goddess of Teotihuacan, referred to as the Spider Lady. This Mesoamerican hack n slash indie game promises an exciting final battle at the end of chapter 1 where main character Machete must fight The Great Goddess of Teotihuacan, who has been corrupted by the Crimson, to the death.
Teoti - The Final Boss Fight For "Into The Farlands," Chapter l

4. Performance Improvements

Performance improvements include updated textures on 3D objects, leading to a higher frame rate and clearer resolution The team has also worked to reduce lag during level transitions, ensuring a smooth and immersive experience for players in our epic indie game RPG.

"Into the Farlands," is game that was completely constructed by CSUF students and is the latest indie game in 2023 that is based on Mesoamerican culture and mythology and is a dark fantasy RPG  adventure game with new and improved performance updates.  KC Studios is dedicated to the best quality games, and connecting gamers with their Mesoamerican roots.
"Into The Farlands," Chapter 1 Performance Improvements

5. New Characters and Machete’s Cabin

Along with these updates, we added a new odd-ball adventurer character named Bonker the Honker, along with a new shopkeeper in Solasta village as well as a long list of new and exciting in-game content. We added Machete’s cabin which is where Machete will rest in between game chapters and a mailbox will be there for additional side quests. Machete’s new little cabin will be a homey, comfortable lodge covered in moss and was a new development the team couldn’t help but to add in while working multiple all-nighters on the game. The team does have a future in plan for the small cabin so definitely look forward to future updates there. We also added a canyon to the back of the Solasta trail and this new canyon will be where players are challenged by having to cross thin rope bridges to reach the swamp area. These thin rope bridges were inspired by real life bridges that are hundreds of years old and were made from rope and grass that have been found in Mesoamerica. Archeologists are astounded by these findings and these amazing bridges were crafted with such skill that they have stood the tests of time and are modern day reminders of the mysterious and ancient civilizations that used to exist in Mesoamerica. Lastly, we added some new critters for you to encounter including a capybara and an alpaca as well as the 6th major update which is an epic prologue cutscene created by Kai Curry.

The Steam early access of Mesoamerican jungle adventure RPG indie video game "Into The Farlands," created by KC Studios Gaming Company is here. The team introduced a homey cabin with its own campfire for the main character, adventurer and explorer Machete. Machete's cabin home was added during chapter on of "Into The Farlands" and is surrounded by jungle trees and is a safe haven for Machete from the evil jungle monsters.
"Into The Farlands," Machete's Jungle Cabin

6. The Prologue

“Into The Farlands,” is set to release on Steam in February, and the team is eager to hear feedback from players on their dark fantasy adventure experience.

Play chapter one of “Into The Farlands,” here on Steam and explore the uncharted island full of Mesoamerican mythology and lore!

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